Curing inflammatory diseases through manipulation of the tissue stroma

 Company profile


Stromal Therapeutics AG is a Swiss biotech company focused on developing new generation immunotherapies against tissue cytokines and their inhibitors, produced by stromal cells. Tissue cytokines are regulated at sites of inflammation, identifying this family of molecules as locally acting, drugable targets in chronic diseases. Stromal Therapeutics’ lead compound demonstrates efficacy in preclinical models of inflammatory heart disease, an indication that has no specific therapy in patients. Stromal Therapeutics’ founders have extensive experience in cardiac inflammation and tissue cytokines. The founders bridge their academic research with the clinics through their work at the Medical Research Center at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen and the Translational Cardiology Unit at the University Hospital in Zurich. The company has received bridge funding from BaseLaunch and USZ Innovation to advance development of the lead compound for the clinical setting.