Curing inflammatory diseases through manipulation of the tissue stroma


Company Overview

Stromal Therapeutics is a Swiss biotech company founded in 2018, focused on developing immunotherapies against a broad range of chronic diseases by targeting the tissue stroma. The stroma comprises cells such as fibroblasts and endothelial cells that build the infrastructure of an organ, ensuring its form, nutrient and oxygen supply. Stromal cells interact with and steer the function of immune cells in lymphoid tissues and at sites of inflammation, identifying them as drugable targets to promote or resolve inflammation in chronic diseases. 

Our founders have extensive expertise in stromal cell immunobiology and a proven track record of productive collaboration within the Institute of Immunobiology at the Kantonsspital St.Gallen exemplified by high-ranking publications in journals such as Science, Nature Immunology and Immunity and prestigious grants. In collaboration with clinical colleagues we perform high-resolution analysis of stromal cells from healthy and chronically inflamed human tissues to identify putative drug targets. As a company we are developing antibody-based drug prototypes against identified candidates and elaborating the mechanism of action in proof-of-principle models generated by the founders. We believe that our extensive knowledge of stromal cells and unique models will permit an unparalleled testing and identification of candidate drug targets. By targeting the tissue stroma we propose an innovative strategy to therapeutically target chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer.